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Judy Yang

English 5th period

Mr. Roman


Near Death Experience

It was the summer of 2011 when I went on a trip to Waterworld with my family friends. There were nine of us and I was the only one out of my family going on the trip. The park mostly consist of rides and slides with shallow water. However there was this one attraction with a huge pool and machine powered waves. It is made to resemble a real beach beginning from shallow to deep water. I can swim for exercise, however I never learned to tread for a long period of time. I remember having so much fun flowing up and down with the waves that I didn't notice how far I was toward the deep part of the pool. The pool was extremely crowded with people and I was relaxed on floatie. I recall being in an uncomfortable position and wanting to sit up when all of a sudden, a big wave turned the floatie upside down.

The wave swallowed me into the pool and I couldn't swim to the surface because of the amount of people and the constant crashing of waves. I swallowed a lot of water and was running short of breath. I thought I was going to drown but thankfully a lifeguard rescued me and helped me get out of the pool. It was embarrassing because they had to stop the machine powered waves and everyone in the whole pool watched me get rescued. They asked me questions and I walked again feeling many eyes still watching me. I learned my lesson and I never went to the deep side of an attraction pool ever again.