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Data Collection PaperThe first article chosen is titled "Are they worth it". This article claims that having highly talented athletes increases the chances of a team winning games. When teams win games there is an increase in ticket sales, fast food and souvenir sales, and parking revenue (Sudo, P. May 1, 1992). The second article chosen is titled "A critical look at some analysis of major league baseball salaries." The article analyzes data about salaries of major league baseball players. The article examines how the players performed and the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used to analyze the data (Hoaglin, D C, & Velleman, P F, August 1995).

The third article chosen is titled "Major league baseball player salaries: bringing realism into introductory statistics courses." The article explains what the different variables that need to be measured are to come to a conclusion that is valid. The final article chosen is titled "Team Salary and its Effects on Win Percentage in the Major Leagues of Baseball."

The article examines major league baseball team's salaries and the percentage of games won over a two year period. The results of the study state that there is no real correlation between the team salaries and the number of games won (Salzberg, R., 2004).

The articles chosen apply to the research of our paper because the articles give us a broad look at how others have researched the topic. The articles have come to different conclusions and the methods used to research the data are different. The articles also cover a large number of years so there is a sufficient amount of data to be used. Using the articles chosen should result in a research paper that is unbiased and results in a valid conclusion.

The population from which the samples came...