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Literature in the process of gathering data for a research project must be accurate and pertain to the problem that is to be analyzed. There are four sources of peer-reviewed articles that were consulted to research the ERA in the baseball arena. The Major League of Baseball has recorded the Earned Run Average of the pitchers on each team. The articles verify the data compiled which includes specific information as it pertains to statistics. The sample of data taken involves the ERA's for one year. The articles also provide ground for redistributing the data so that Team C can use them to make two separate graphs. One will be tabular and the other will be graphical in format. This paper will review the literature used to gather information, describe the population that it was derived, provide visual replicas of the data, and identify the methods used to collect the material.

Review of LiteratureTeam C will be using a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles to continue conducting our research and discuss how a pitcher's ERA affects game attendance and wins or loses. As well as discuss and give statistical information on some leading pitchers in Major League Baseball. The few selected articles will ultimately review the accuracy and dependability of the ERA.

The first peer-reviewed article, "Pitching Power" by William Wise, provided Team C with a math formula to calculate the ERA of some the best pitchers, gave an explanation of ERA and the importance of the pitcher in the game of baseball. This article applies to our research topic because it will help us to understand how ERA is calculated and how effective and accurate it is. The second article from Baseball Digest included statistics for Nolan Ryan, who is one of the leading pitchers in Major League Baseball through...