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Sampling Design

Determining what the client desires is key in figuring out the sample design. In this case, the client is a consumer who is unaware of how to acquire real estate successfully . A sample design specifies for each conceivable sample possible of being drawn in the scenario. Often, researchers use sample designs to gain more information about a large population by choosing and measuring a sample from the population based on data. Purposive sampling is used in this sample study. Purposive sampling takes information from a targeted group. The individuals in the group must meet the criteria set by those conducting the research.

Define the population

Before sample design can be complete, the target population and population frame needs to be determined. The target population "refers to the entire groups, events or things of interest" to be investigated(University of Phoenix, 2003) and the people who will be questioned or interviewed.

The population is built around the three most predominate Real Estate agencies in the CSRA. The population frame "is a listing of all elements in the population from with the sample is drawn" (University of Phoenix, 2003), such as, name, credit score, debt- to- income ratio, and income. Information will be provided by the agencies form 10 clients who never attempted to purchase property before, from 10 clients who recently purchased property and 10 clients who are in danger of foreclosure. The survey will ask the 30 clients how likely they would be to purchase a home based on their income choosing from "not very likely," "somewhat likely," "likely," and "very likely".

Is the sample size appropriate?

The sample size that has been chosen is quite suitable for the study. The criteria that is selected from each agency's client, will simplify the population even...