Data Transmission System

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The Zulu Network Development Team, a consulting agency that provides analysis, design, development, and maintenance services involving hardware and/or software for virtually any information system, has developed this proposal. Currently, Zulu maintains contracts and service agreements with several military and government agencies, including existing service contracts with the 12 Air Force. Due to the nature and sensitivity of data these military and government contracts comprise, all employees of Zulu require thorough background checks and are required to qualify for a security clearance appropriate to the project that is assigned to them.

The team has been contracted by the US 12th Air Force A2 Division to develop a proposal that will replace the existing classified data transmission network. The existing system is very labor intensive, prone to errors, and expensive to maintain. This proposal outlines the complete overhaul of the system and is structured following SDLC methodology.

Scope and ObjectivesThe objective of this assignment is to develop a cost-saving, efficient, accurate, and secure solution to the current data processing situation.

This new system will result in improved security, increased reporting accuracy, decreased labor costs required to process these reports, while providing alternative reporting methods. Once this project is implemented, reporting will be automated and will require very little user intervention. This will eliminate the need for a team to process this information twenty-four hours a day. The current team of five users will be downsized to two users, and the remaining individuals may be reassigned to other critical projects within the 12th Air Force.

Upgraded facsimile machines will transmit these documents more rapidly, and will provide a higher level of security. Alternative reporting methods will provide the latest and most current data to recipients in the form of automatic printing, and accurate intranet web page easily accessible to appropriate users...