Database Administration as a Career Choice

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This proposal is designed to guide and instruct those of you who are considering a career choice in the database administration field. This will be accomplished by covering all aspects of database administration from concept to implementation and beyond. I will also give you statistical information on salaries, geographic locations, and demand for qualified personnel in this field.

I have been in the Information Technology field for almost 13 years in one aspect or another. My initial interest was in web development. I’ve worked in an array of positions in the web development field from web designer all the way up to web master for an Internet service provider. In those positions I had ample opportunity to work with multiple databases, database software and database languages. This inspired my great interest in database development and administration.

There are many benefits involved with being a database administration. A few of them are salary, career advancement and travel.

I will go over these, and more, later in the proposal.

In my research, I hope to learn more specific details about all of the aforementioned information. I’d also like to learn more about where I might like to relocate once I’ve finished my degree and perhaps what company I’d like to pursue as a potential employer.

1.Definition of a DatabaseA database is a set or collection of organized information, usually related in some way.

2.Examples of DatabasesPhone books, contact lists, address books and dictionaries are all examples of databases.

3.Common Database UsersLibraries, criminal justice organizations, schools, colleges, stores. Just about every business or organization today utilizes some form of database.

4.Database TypesThere are several types of databases out there, but for now, we’ll just list the basics.

•MySQL•dBase•Microsoft Access•Microsoft SQL Server•Oracle•PostgreSQLThe type of database that you will...