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MEMOTo: ManagementFrom: AnalystDate: 24 August 2009Subject: Analyzing the use of databases used in the US ArmyToday's world is a world of information. The arrival of computers has given a fast pace to everyday businesses which make decisions using the information they have gathered previously. The complexity of applications used to support decision demands a large amount of data available to them. In addition, many websites on the internet require strict access control despite being visited by millions of users (such as mail servers). This also requires a large amount of data to be stored in an organized way so that it can be accessed easily. For these kinds of requirements, Database Management Systems (DBMS) are used. DBMS store data in a particular way on a computer so that it can be accessed quickly and accurately. The purpose of this memo is to analyze the use of databases used in the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and suggest any improvements.

The Army core of Engineer (ACE) uses DBMS such Oracle, MS SQL Server and MS Access for various tasks within itself (Stairs and Reynolds, 2006)Oracle DBMSOracle is the DBMS provided by Oracle Corporation. Oracle is an enterprise class database which means the database is able to hold and manipulate data on a very large scale. An Oracle DBMS Server is used a part of system which is used by ACE to monitor the geological conditions at different places in the US (Azotech Inc., 2008).

Another Server is also used to issue and track development projects at various places in the US. The US Army knowledge portal (AKO) also uses Oracle to store its information. The databases are accessed and manipulated in various ways. For managing development projects and for the AKO, a web based system is used (Millin Publishing, 2003).