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Group Member Contributions Since our group only consisted of two people, we easily split up the workload 50/50. We collaborated several times throughout the semester to come up with ideas for what we wanted our database to look like and what functions it would be able to perform. Most of the relevant information we needed was not learned until later in the semester such as: how to make finalized reports, how to make sure the tables were normalized correctly to ensure functionality, and how to understand the limits of our database. We feel the database is sufficient enough to handle relevant queries, but in no way do we believe we have the experience to implement a real world database for an outpatient facility. The work was done together so we cannot itemize what each of us did. It was a combined effort.

Phase 3: Semantic and Physical Domains Table Doctor Docid - is our primary key that allows for each doctor to be given a unique number for the purpose of identification.

Dlname - classifies specific doctors by their last name.

Dlfname - classifies specific doctors by their first name.

Dspecialty - Since in the medical field there are conditions that require treatment each doctor is classified by their practicing specialty. This allows for patients to schedule appointments with doctors to work around their area of concern so that the best patient care is provided.

Table Employee Empid "“ Allows for employees to be assigned a unique number so that they can be identified without overlapping identities.

Emplname "“ classifies each employee by their last name Empfname "“ classifies each employee by their first name Empsalary "“ gives the hourly wages of each employee for the purpose of budget projections and payroll information.

Emptitle "“ gives employees the job title...