Database use in Modern Business.

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The information age has transformed how businesses collect, store, access, and share information. Consequently, in modern business world, information about customers, contacts, suppliers, business information, and inventory is a priority for any business trying to maximize its profits. This includes the auto industry and even a small auto maintenance shop. All Tune and Lube in Nogales uses a program that controls all the business information. The name of the program is ShopPro(Advantage Systems , 2004) . This program is a stand alone application fully made by programmers. No other applications were imbedded or used has a database ad on module. This program has many useful tools. This paper will discuss each one to fully explain ShopPro capabilities:

Customers' Information

The first screen is a complete customers' database. In this module, customer records can be set up, updated and stored. Some of ShopPro capabilities include:

a) Individual tax rates or fees assignment for each customer

b) Individual assignment of hourly labor, parts cost, and discount rates

c) Appointment scheduling

d) Customer's sales history and statistics

e) Print customer postcards for service reminder or follow up letters.

Vehicle information

The following screen will present a list of vehicles for the selected customer. If the vehicle is not in the record of the customer, we can add the new car to the customer database.

Repair Order

After a customer and a vehicle have been selected, the following screen is to add labor items to the repair order. This part of the program has a labor rate and parts cost database that is used to give a quick cost estimate to the customer

Parts and Materials

This screen also presents a list of all parts and materials required for individual preventive maintenance procedures or repair procedures to accomplish the job.

Inventory Control

ShopPro contains...