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The need for databases is the heart of running an organization. Databases will provide an organization with an edge over the competition. The databases we use hold all the information about the daily transactions and important customer information. Databases use structured query language, SQL Server, to run security and transactions. The SQL server provides client computers with highly efficient access to database files. The use of database programs has become a necessity to almost every business big or small. Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing, and retrieving information, (, 2006). Databases

There are many server-based database programs that are available. Some of these databases include IBM, Informix, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase, (Whiting, 2000). Server-based relational databases manage employee and customer records, financial transactions, inventory, and a wide array of other business information in companies of all sizes.

Databases are vital for almost every company in today's business world.

Databases can help us track inventory, billing, pay role, and much more, (, 2006). Without the use of databases, work will take infinity longer to accomplish. If the database did not exist, we would have to revert to paperwork, which will slow down productivity. Employees would then have to hand-write everything down and make phone calls and faxes to accomplish simple tasks. Since we use a database, all users from customers to employees, will have access to the information.


My company has hundreds of databases that are all connected together in one way or another. Information in one database is linked to another database or a spreadsheet on another network or system. Access to these databases is very limited because of security. Since these databases are linked together in many ways, each department can only see what he or she need to access...