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Databases are a very important part of almost all businesses today. A database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer so that a program can consult it to answer queries (Database, 2007). This helps the company monitor many aspects of the business and keep everything running smoothly. Three ways databases help Carefree Equipment is by a record of parts inventory, service appointments/ department of transportation (DOT) records, and fuel routes for drives to take.

The first way a database helps the company is by keeping track of parts. Carefree Equipment is a shop specializing on preventative maintenance and repair of a dedicated fleet. By logging all parts into a database, it is simpler to keep track of what parts are in stock and what needs to be listed on the next order. The shop is only allowed to make a limited amount of orders per week and by using the database it helps make 1 large order instead of many small orders of parts.

This system tends to work really well if all part numbers get entered properly. The shop currently does not have a scanning system so all part numbers are entered according to the part number listed on the mechanics repair order. The down side to this procedure is that not all repair orders get entered into the system in a timely manner. Another problem is that sometimes the mechanics hand writing is not legible so the wrong part number might be deducted from inventory. The way the shop maintains the database has too much room for human error. One way to solve this problem would be to add a scanning system to the parts so the computer automatically deducts the parts from the inventory solving this problem.