Databases used by the Department of Correction and Rehabilitations.

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Interim Parolee Tracking System (IPTS) is a database used by the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitations (CDCR). This multi-user system captures, stores and manages information relating to inmates paroled from state prison. Prior to an inmate's release from State Prison, a pre-parole package is sent to the region where the inmate will be paroling. Specific information from the pre-parole package is then used to update IPTS.

IPTS is used extensively throughout the state to identify men and women released to the Department of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO). The IPTS database allows users to retrieve or input data based on the users privileges. Clerical staff is responsible for inputting all the general information into the database. Agents are responsible for maintaining current accurate data. Supervisors are responsible maintaining the disposition section of the database. Once a parolee's information is updated users can request several different products from it. One of the most useful tools to a parole agent is the Face Sheet.

The Face Sheet combines the photo of an individual along with residence, controlling case (commitment offense) and any other useful information to assist the agent with supervision.

The CDCR databases utilize the Structured Query Language SQL Server to run security and transactions. The SQL server provides client computers with highly efficient access to database files.

Our IT Department, combines several databases to make up the IPTS database. The Teale Corporation administers the Offender Based Information System (OBIS) and it serves as one of the main databases along with IPTS database. Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing, and retrieving information (www. Our IT department uses several types databases like Microsoft Access to the server based SQL server. Microsoft Access is a database management system from Microsoft, packaged with Office, which combines the Jet...