Dating And Attraction

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Dating and Attraction We did our survey on Dating and Attraction. Through this survey we wanted to determine what attracted men and women to the opposite sex. We also wanted to be able to recognize if there were any differences in what males and females in different grades found attractive in the opposite sex. We did this by creating a series of survey questions (16 questions) and then randomly passing it out to students at different grade levels who attended High School. To be exact we gave 30 surveys to each grade level (15 males and 15 females).

After we passed out the surveys, we then had to analyze the results. To do this we first tallied up the information for the seniors. We did the seniors first because we decided that we would focus on the senior responses in our presentation. However, we were able to determine that most of the information we received from analyzing the data from all the classes was not very different.

Most of the females found the same thing attractive in men and most of the men found the same thing attractive in women. For example, we found that a nice smile and nice eyes were favorable among both males and females in all grades. We were also able to determine that most of the freshmen and sophomores wanted to have girlfriends or boyfriends during high school. However, when it got to the juniors and sophomores, the number of people that wanted to have a relationship during high school dropped. Not too much but there was a slight difference.

Through our survey we were also able to find some trends and anomalies. There were for questions in which we found trends and anomalies. Through these questions we were able to make a...