Dating Exclusivly In High School

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High School creates many opportunities to have fun and date. For many people, it is test on were you stand in life. Bosses will base your job, according to your performance their; your parents will decide weather they succeeded as parents. Relationships are huge part of High school. They help determine how you stand on dating and the kind of people you like. Some people party through High School and experience life a way they have never experienced before. Some choose to date throughout high school. Both have their ups and downs. Dating exclusively in high school can have many effects on a person. The experiences that I explain will be from my point of view and will be experiences I have actually been through.

Relationships in High School are an experience you will never forget. When you are dating someone you tend to stay out of trouble. Why do you need to go to parties? You already have a girlfriend.

During High school many opportunities to drink alcohol and do drugs are abundant. If you have a girlfriend, than it is not as easy to partake in things like this because you want to spend time with the person you care about. You can also use your girlfriend, as an excuse not to go out with people that you know will get you into trouble.

When dating one person in high school you can find many things out about yourself. Maybe you are outgoing or athletic. The person you are with may notice things about you that you never knew existed. Most of all you find out what kind of love life you like and admire. The relationship you have with this person is one that you will base many of your future relationships on also. Being together with this person may bring out qualities in you that you never even knew existed. For example when I was dating this girl from Boulder City, I found out that she was into watching TV. Knowing this I kind of found my true strengths in watching TV. I never knew I was this good at it till now. After all we went through I can now look back and know I got something important out of our relationship.

The downs are defiantly worth dealing with in a relationship, compared to the few but very important ups. The person you are with, is someone you think you could see yourself with forever. Some people don't want to admit that they are in love but they think they are. Falling in love with someone and having your fairytale love story happen to you is an experience I wouldn't give up for the world. Being with this person, is mostly your life, you do anything and everything with them. There isn't anytime for anything else.

Dating in High School is a very important thing to do while you are still able to make mistakes without having to many problems. When you get into the real world there is not that much time to make mistakes in dating. There are so many feelings to be expressed in life. What better way than in a long comforting, loving, spiritual relationship?