"Dating in the rainy evening " - short life story

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Dating in the rainy evening

It was Wednesday evening, six p.m. I had just come back from college. As usual for me, I turned on my computer and pushed the connection button. "Connection, please wait while authorizing," my computer answered me as always. Finally, I was on-line. "I will see him again! Oh, my God, I am so excited," I was thinking while my favorite "Internet Relay Chat" program was loading.

The chat room was full of my friends. But he was not there yet. I began to look for him in an other room, but he was still off-line. I got up from my chair and went to the kitchen to make some tea. When the tea was made and the flavor of coco and peaches was delivered in a flat, I went to my room with a loudly beating heart.

"Cloud of Waiting, I was waiting for you for 5 minutes.

Where were you?" I saw on my screen.

"Said, how are you? What are you doing now?" I asked him at once. His real name was Dima. However, he used to use his nickname Said not only in a chat room, but for real life as well.

"Oh, I am searching for someone who would like to go for a walk," he smiled and answered me.

"But it is raining now! Are you crazy? Though I would like to take a walk right now with you," I said and stared in waiting on the screen.

"Ok, where will we meet? And don't forget to take an umbrella," he whispered.

I suggested meeting near the "Meridian" ship. When he agreed, I went to prepare for our date. Such a meeting was probably the first in my life. Earlier when I also met boys, they were my...