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Essay by Fat-ChiuHigh School, 11th grade April 2004

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In our R.E lesson we were watching this movie called "Dave" made by Warner Bros 1993. This movie talks about the U.S president (Bill Mitchell) had something happened to him, so they found this person called (Dave Kovic) he looks almost the same to the real U.S president, so they asked Dave to pretend the real U.S president.

Dave had broken stage 1 of a pre-conventional (Broken a law but it wasn't bad nor good). Ellen the first lady, she was the wife of the real president, she does not talk a lot a lot to the president and they do not have a strong bond. She changes view on the new president (Dave) because of Dave helped the Homeless Shelter budgeting $650,000 to help them out. Dave had broken stage 5 of a social contract orientation (social mutuality and a genuine interest in the welfare of others).

The president's adviser (Bob), he thinks he's the one who created the president.

He placed power over Dave. (This broken stage 1 of pre-conventional). He wants to be the president, but has to be the vice president first; he's broken stage 2 of a Pre-conventional (Determined by one's own need; concern for the need of others is largely a matter of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours", not loyalty.)

The second president's advisor (Allen) he is like Bob's Side-Kick follower, he place power over Dave, (he broken the stage 1 of pre-conventional) When Dave is having a meeting about the Homeless Shelters he said "I'm Sure that's important but I don't want to tell some eight year old kids that some car is more important then some home". (This broken stage 3, of conventional: good person orientation: good behaviour is that which pleases others in the immediate group or which...