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Executive Summary

This promotional plan will primarily target men aged 16-35 who belong to the value segmentation of 'look at me, young optimist and something better' (Roy Morgan: 2001). The secondary target market will be the partners and/or mothers or these men.

MAC aims to greatly increase awareness of Davenport boxer shorts among these target groups through the advertising message, 'Never Get Caught Out'. This will portray Davenport boxer shorts as a contemporary and comfortable product which provides the wearer with confidence.

This advertising message will be implemented through a $2 000, 000 budget. Television commercials will carry five scenarios of the 'Never Get Caught Out' advertising message which will be directly linked to advertisements on billboards, buses and street furniture and in magazines.


This promotional plan has been prepared for Gazel Apparel Company. Gazel is an Australian based company which owns a variety of clothing and underwear labels.

The purpose of this plan is to improve promotions for the Gazel Davenport group, a quality provider of men's boxer shorts. Davenport originally gained success in the 1980s but lost market share in the 1990s when they introduced a novelty and character design range. Since then, the brand has been re-launched and is currently sold in exclusive retail outlets Myer and David Jones. Despite Davenport's comeback, Mitch Dowd and Bonds remain strong competitors.

This plan aims to boost Davenport's market share by establishing a new and creative campaign under the slogan 'Never Get Caught Out'. The new promotional plan will be implemented over twelve months, from July 2005 to June 2006, throughout Australia and will indirectly reach Asia-pacific countries.


Marketing Mix Analysis


Boxer shorts are part of the Davenport legacy. They are high quality and come in both silk and cotton. The trademark design features...