DaVerne Lee Calloway

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After some research and speaking with some helpful individuals, I have decided to use DaVerne Lee Calloway as the subject for my research paper. I searched for information about Calloway online and found that the Western Historical Manuscript Collection contained a wealth of primary source documents pertaining to Mrs. Calloway. With so many primary source documents at my disposal, DaVerne Calloway seemed like a perfect choice for my research.

DavVerne Calloway was well educated African America. She attended LeMoyne-Owen College and did graduate work at Atlanta University and Northwestern University. After college she became a teacher and then joined the American Red Cross during World War II. While in the American Red Cross she led a protest against the segregation of African American soldiers in the Red Cross facilities.

Mrs. Calloway was also a proud member of several civil rights organizations including the committee of racial equality (CORE), and the NAACP.

She married Ernest Calloway who was a political activist as well as became the president of the St. Louis NAACP. Together they were able to begin publishing the New Citizen, a newspaper covering black politics and civil rights in St. Louis. Mrs. Calloway was an important figure in St. Louis civil rights, but her greatest accomplishment was that she was the first African American Woman elected to the Missouri legislature.

The first primary source I selected is a pamphlet used during Mrs. Calloway’s election campaign. This pamphlet includes a short biography of Calloway’s life as well as her many achievements including being a founding member of CORE and the executive editor of the New Citizen. Along with her achievements, this pamphlet also gives information on her legislative concerns. Some of the things she aimed to achieve were improving legislation dealing with social welfare, legislation dealing with...