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Talent in the music industry is hard to find these days. Musicians with a unique style of music doesn't come around to often. There are two artists that make you stop and think "wow". They are Davey Havok lead singer from the band AFI and Aron Lewis lead singer from the band Staind. They can be contrasted by there stage performance, how they get the crowd's involvement and what they sing about.

Through there stage performance Davey Havok and Aron Lewis have different ways of performing on stage. Davey Havok always puts 100% in his performances. He always outs on a intensely live performance, it's amazing. Always running around the stage having such great energy from the time he set foot on the stage to the time he walks off the stage. Aron Lewis on the other hand like to just stand with the micraphone and sing his songs. The last time AFI came to Toronto was September 20, 2001 at the Opera House.

At that show and at all of there shows, Davey throughout the concert was jumping off speakers and doing complicated jumps off of them and dancing around the stage. The crowd couldn't keep there eyes off of him, he was always doing something interesting. Aron Lewis at the Family Values Tour October 20, 2001 at the Skydome wasen't the best stage perfomer there. Aron Lewis pretty much just stands and delivers, while Davey Havok knows how to put on a show.

The crowd's involvement is a very important thing at concerts. Davey Havok knows how to get a crowd going wild, while Aron Lewis knows how to get a crowd mellowed out. "At every show, everyone's singing along, everyone's moving around,.. everyone takes time to pay attention to our words and what we're all about and that's great." Says Davey Havok. Davey got the crowd going so much at one show that the crowd was pushing and shoving so much, the speakers fell down into the crowd. Aron Lewis has songs that are so popular that everyone just knows and sings along too. The intensity of Davey's live performances must be seen and heard to be believed, "through are bleeding, we are one." The crowd chants as the band takes the stage. Aron at the family values tour singing "it's been awhile" had the whole crowd holding up there lighters and singing along. At every show as Davey is singing "morningstar", he goes into the crowd and stands right on top of people making sure the people he's standing on are alright, and sings. It always gets the crowds attention. Davey knows how to get the crowd to notice him with amazment. While Aron knows how to get a crowd mellowed out.

The lyrics that Davey and Aron have written are written by themselves. Davey's lyrics have gotton more serious and emotional than when he first started writing lyrics. They have become more cryptic and not as straight forward then before. Aron's lyrics are written very intospectively. AFI's latest album, the art of drowning "It's a dymanic album. It's very dark, but at the same time, there's a lot of mobility, and a heavy kind of aggression in it." says Davey. "Hear one thousand screams, hear one thousand voices. A solitary echo..." from the song "sacrifice theory". Aron's lyrics are very deep and come from what he's feeling. "I usually write introspectively...". Staind's hit song called "It's been awhile is about it's been awhile since I could hold my head up high, it's been awhile since I said I was sorry. It's an acknowledgement that it's been awhile. Davey's lyrics of a dark fantasy are inspired by his favourite day, holloween. "six figures enter. They've come to destroy the world. They've called together this storm almost every night...." Davey and Aron write about different subjects. Davey is more fantasy while Aron is reality.

Being compared by stage performance, the crowd's involvement at the shows and what they sing about, Davey Havok and Aron Lewis are different people. Davey really knows what stage performance is all about, and knows how to get a crowd involved and has great lyrics where he knows how to sing it. Aron needs to work on the live performance stuff but has great lyrics and a sense of where lyrics should come from, what your feeling.