David Black's book "Medicine Man"

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David Black's book Medicine Man chronicles Aaron Kenigsberg's third year

of medical school. In the process of describing his hectic life it teaches the

reader three very important things. It educates the reader about the future of

medicine, it shows how dedicated a doctor must truly be, and it contrasts the

medicine of the past with that of the present and future.

Aaron Kenigsberg's entire third year of medical school seems to be one of

harried excitement. The constant activity which Aaron and his fellow students must

endure teaches the reader a very important thing about doctors. Doctors must be

extremely dedicated to their profession. If they voluntarily undergo four years

of sleepless nights and non-stop days, then they must be dedicated. Black does

an excellent job describing the constant influx of patients that stream in and out

of Aaron's life. Despite these horrible pressures Aaron manages to do quite well

throughout the book.

Overall, this book, with its essays illustrating the effects of medicine

on the mind and spirit, begins to truly enlighten the reader on what the future of

medicine will be. It proves that sickness, and the subsequent recovery, depend largely

on the psyche of the patient. In other words, if the patient is convinced the sickness

will persist then he will not recover, and vice-versa. Therefore, it can be determined

that it is just as important, if not more so, for the doctor to have a large body of

technical knowledge. This is a very interesting idea in today's impersonal world of

huge health care plans and unknown doctors. It is also very interesting to note how much

medicine has and is currently changing.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is its description of the current

revolution in medicine. It contrasts the relative...