David Hicks - Aussie in an Execution Cel: His life and how he came to be imprisoned for terrorism.

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How would you feel if you woke up to remember you are in a prison, far from home, far from hospitality and with no sense of happiness whatsoever? Good morning class and teacher, today I’m going to talk to you about David Hicks. David is Australian and for those who don’t know what I’m talking about he’s the guy who supposedly was captured training with Al Qaeda back in 2001. Lets fix that up, the US didn’t actually capture him, they bought him off a northern warlord for a mere $1000. I’m now going to go back to where it all started, through the life of David Hicks.

Dave was born in Adelaide, August 7, 1975 to two British parents. At the age of ten his parents divorced, his father later re-marrying. 4 years later Hicks was expelled from his school. His dad called him a typical boy who couldn't settle down.

From then on in his life became a little shifty. He had acquired a taste for strange jobs including skinning kangaroos at a meat-packing factory, fishing for sharks and working at cattle stations doing the job that someone has to do. And for those who don’t have the brain capacity to figure that out it was slaughtering cattle. It was at that cattle station that he met his wife Jodie Sparrow in 1992. He had two children before divorce in 1996. One of his kids is the same age as most of us in this classroom are.

After the separation Hicks claimed he was going to learn to train horses in Japan… As it turned out, in 1999 he joined Kosovo Liberation army in Albania. I take it horse training didn’t work out so great. After two months of service he came back to Australia saying...