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PSY 180: Interpersonal Effectivenes

February 16, 2010

Seventeen years ago, David Koresh used the power of persuasion to stage a disturbing sequence of events in a quiet Central Texas town. Through the use of compliance gaining strategies such as ingratiation, supplication and intimidation, he influenced several people to act. (Alberts, Ayers, Busha, & Holtz (2009).

To begin it is necessary to examine how Koresh was able to recruit his followers. He was well aware or the key ingredients that were essential to form his cult. He used the tool of ingratiation as a means to obtain many of the cult member's resource support. Koresh used many of his favorable attributes such as musical talent and powerful preaching to gain favor. As a result cult members would donate money and service to show their loyalty to him and the cause. Second Koresh would use supplication as a means to gain compassion from the women of the cult.

In order for him to appeal to the emotions of his wives he presented himself as vulnerable to them. Although it gave the women a sense of purpose and belonging to comfort him, he was always in total control. This form of deception allowed him to sleep with most of the cult's female followers including underage girls. (Time.com, 1993)

Conformity was a vital part of Koresh's success. Through his teachings and sermons cult followers received a spiritual obligation to embrace what was being taught. The cult members as a result gave up many of their freedoms and chose to behave in ways consistent with Koresh. Many of the cult members would comply by giving their wives and young children to Koresh for his personal pleasure. It is very apparent that this was strong sign...