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David Letterman grew up in a small town in eastern Indiana. He was born to Joseph and Dorothy Letterman. After reading the novel, 'David Letterman: On Stage and Off' by Rosemarie Lennon, I have learned about all his struggles and joys. Because of this book, I feel sorry towards one of the funniest people on Earth, David Letterman. I also admire him for his good acts and abilities.

To realize why I feel what I feel toward Letterman, you have to look at some of the main points in his life. First of all, Dave was exactly an A student. He struggled all of his life through grade school to college. He also wasn't very popular. He stated, ' I remember standing around. . . with the other losers, watching all the athletes play sports. All we could do is make fun and ridicule them.' He was never good at anything until high school.

'All I ever knew how to do was to make people laugh. In high school I was the class clown, making fun of everything and everyone.' This personality trait was what gave him his thousands of faithful fans, watching his show every night to see Dave rip to shreds anyone who dare challenge him. Another thing that was important to him was his mother and father. His father, Joseph Letterman, and Dave went fishing quite often when he was young. Dave looked up to his father tremendously. When Joseph had his first heart attack when he was thirty-six, Dave and his father started to drift away. Later, Dave's Dad died when he was fifty-three. One of David's top regrets was never spending a lot of time with his dad. As for his mother, she is the classical conservative mother of the fifties. She was always...