David Mc Robbie- The Unauthorized Biography

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David Mc Robbie is one of Queensland’s most accomplished writer having published 32 to books of the fiction and non-fiction genre. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1934. David Mc Robbie grew up in poverty. He had to live in a two bedroom apartment (tenement). One room was a bedroom and the other, a kitchen. He shared a room with his entire family and sharing a toilet with other families. Growing up with four brothers, he got along with all of them, and despite the poverty, David Mc Robbie proclaims that he had a “very happy childhood”.

David Mc Robbie was one of the many young boys that believed everyone was living the way they did. So he believed that the whole world was poor. David’s family never used to lock their doors, or at least think about. This was because they had nothing worth stealing. A luxury that David’s family had access to was the radio.

His family would listen together every night to shows like “Just William” which is about an accident prone boy, and “Appointment with Fear” which was a late night show of scary stories. Growing up in poverty, David could not afford proper books to read, but his mother would buy comics every once in a while for David and his brothers. When the Second World War began, David and his family fled Glasgow because it was among one of the many placed being targeted by the German bombs. He and his family moved to the town of Ayr along the coast of Scotland, there they obtained refuge as evacuees. In a book during a ‘Silent Reading’ activity at the local school, David Mc Robbie discovered the Carnegie library in Ayr. The library was created by the very wealthy Scottish-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. He...