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Table of Contents David McClelland: A brief history page(s): 1-3 Origins of Motivational Psychology page(s): 4-5 Modern Update to Theory page(s): 6-7 Impact of Motivational theory page(s): 8 Modern Application page(s): 9 Bibliography page: 10 David McClelland: A brief history Chronology of the life of David McClelland (©President and Fellows of Harvard College, 2001) • 1917: Born May 20, 1917 in Mt. Vernon, New York • 1933: Graduates from Jacksonville, Illinois, High School • 1933-1934: Special student in languages at Macmurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois • 1938: Graduates from Wesleyan University, with an A.B. in Psychology • 1938: First marriage to Mary Sharpless, June 25, 1938 • 1939: Obtains an A.M. from the University of Missouri in Psychology • 1941: o Obtains a Ph. D. in Experimental Psychology from Yale University o Becomes Instructor of Psychology at Connecticut College • 1942: o Leaves Connecticut College o Instructor of Psychology at Wesleyan University • 1943: Served as Assistant and Acting personnel secretary of the American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • 1944: Part-time lecturer in Psychology at Bryn Mawr College • 1945: o Becomes an Assistant Professor on Psychology at Wesleyan University o Ends Part-time position teaching at Bryn Mawr College • 1946: Becomes Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Wesleyan University • Summer 1947: Assistant Director, Sky Island Hostel for European Refugees (American Friends Service Committee) • 1948: o Becomes and Associate Professor of Psychology at Wesleyan University o Fellow of the American Psychological Association • 1949-1950: Lectures in Social Psychology at Harvard University, then returns to Wesleyan University • Fall 1950: Becomes a staff consultant for the Social Science Research Council.

This was in connection with the Ford Foundation Program for basic Social Science Development • 1951: o Publishes Personality, with J.W. Atkinson, R.A. Clark, E.L.