David Shorter

Essay by rainbow2000 June 2004

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Table of Contents

Problem Identification 2

Issues and Analysis 2

Potential Departure of Bob Chen - Immediate Issue 3

Organizational Structure 3

Staffing 4

Control Systems 5

Management Style 5

Cultural Awareness 5

Communication Gap 6

Alternatives 6

Fire Bob Chen 6

Transfer Mike McLeod to Another Group (within James-Williams) 7

Relocate Bob Chen to Hong Kong (Set up an office in Hong Kong) 7

Transfer Bob Chen to "The Tower" 7

Decision 8

Recommendations 10

To Resolve the Conflict 10

To Improve Organizational Structure 10

To Improve Management Style 11

To Improve Control Systems 11

To Improve Staffing 11

Strategic Implementation Plan 12

Immediate Actions 12

Continuing Actions 13

Appendix #1: Synopsis of Case 15

Introduction of Key Figures 15

Appendix #2: Assumptions 17

Appendix #3: Decision Matrix - Immediate Issue 18


David Shorter, the practice director of the New Enterprise Group (NEG) at James-Williams, returned from a three-week partnership development program/ vacation, to find his office in a state of chaos and internal conflict.

At the heart of the conflict was Bob Chen, a valuable up and coming employee at NEG, who was threatening to resign from the company rather than work on a project under the direction of Mike McLeod. Not surprisingly, Bob's actions have upset some partners and the original problem between Mike and Bob has become a conflict that is affecting the entire firm.

Mr. Shorter is responsible for finding a course of action that resolves the immediate conflict and rectifies the underlying problems, while allowing all parties to keep their egos intact. A synopsis of case facts, as understood by Halifax Consulting Group, can be found in Appendix #1.


Based on the problem identification statement, immediate and basic issues can be identified. The immediate issue is finding a...