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The music that moves my emotions and thoughts on life can usually be found on one of David Usher's Albums. David Usher is a Canadian alternative rock artists. He isn't that well know, more of an underground guy, but I think his work is ingenious. His works range from hard driving rock beats such as comes and goes, to techno orchestral music found on Hallucinations, to mellow piano solos and excerpts of opera singing as on Devil By My Side and Black, Black Heart, and acoustic folk on F-Train and St. Lawrence River.

But most inspiring are his lyrics. For an example let me use a verse from the song Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful.

Cherish the lies that you bought

Charming delusions gone crack in the fire

I know we might be mediocre

I know nothing's on fire

Confidence fell through the hole in your pocket

The simple's illogical so it be logic

I'm caught in the diaries with all your complaining

The curious scribblings of one who has everything

The heady combination of terrifically arranged music and inspiring and introspective lyrics takes me to another world when I listen to them.

I can always find something whenever I listen to a song that I've listened to hundreds of times before. I know that David Usher is not mainstream and does not follow a normal formatt of writing, but just being able to feel all of the interlocking melodies and intriguing words inspires something deep inside of me. This is the type of music that moves me; when an artists put their all into a piece and opens themselves up. When the music is not just a calculated mainstream beat drumming the legions of conformist armies into an oblivion of unoriginality. This is the music that stirs my...