Dawn Of Mass Culture

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Transportation has become one of the priorities for Americans and for the whole world.

Since the 1800's transportation has changed a lot to good stuff and bad things… In the 1800's people used to ride horses instead of cars they used to walk and ride on chariots but there was a little problem, people couldn't get too far on chariots and horses.

But then the 1900's came the century of civilization.

The first car propelled by gasoline was invented and everyone thought it wasn't such a bad idea to start mass producing them. Cars made life easier with cars, people could get to work faster and work for more hours. And more people were employed.

And now on the new millennium cars had become a culture everyone has a car and now it's not just transportation it's fun and a lots of stuff for the people.

People just don't buy cars for transportation anymore they buy them for collection there are cars that go up to $2,000,000,000 and all that has become a culture for people.

Cars can be a friend or an enemy for a lot of people most of the deaths in the world are from car accidents.

Cars can be fun too, people race them against other cars and that's what some people do for living cars help us get somewhere quicker and they are reliable.

The car was one of the best inventions ever created.

And everything is one man's dream, Mr. Henry Ford.

It all started with a old ford that looked kind of like. . .

No one knew what it really looked like because it was something new for everyone. And not everyone could afford it.

The model T was Henry's first car to be in production it was a car that could reach 35mph.

Then later on a lot of car companies were created some famous ones like Ferrari, Bentley, rolls Royce etc.

Everyone had to have a car.

Those cars are so expensive that people join clubs to brag about their cars and no one thinks of what henry ford would think if he knew his invention was wonderful.

On these days now people buy faster cars the most expensive cars everything depends on the car, it has become a culture.

Suppose a man that has $00.00 in the bank rolls up on a rented corvette, and some other man rolls up on a ford Taurus but he has millions of dollars in the bank, who would you get in the car with, I know you are going to go with the vette. Why?? Because the car talks for you there is people that love their Ferraris more than what they love their own wife. It's a life style.

But there is something bad about cars too.

They pollute, they kill people and another bunch of stuff.

But people still love their cars.