The day and life of an er doctor

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Dr. Susan Sabatier casually walks into work Saturday evening immediately being informed of what would soon arrive in the emergency room. She had no more than a few minutes to prepare herself for a suicidal drug-hungry crack head; a motorcyclist with a mangled leg and many serious wounds; and a hunter with a crushed skull. The three victims are raced into the ER with only minutes between each arrival. Luckily the other ER doctor that Dr. Susan was relieving stuck around for "the excitement", that they strangely called it. Dr. Susan and Dr. StAmant exchange glances with words that must have been in a foreign language. They split off each rushing toward the life-threatened patients. In the meantime, the crack head was temporarily shoved into an exam room to be dealt with later due to the lack of doctors. Dr. Susan looked down at the bloody sheets of the motorcyclist.

It was not a pretty sight. After Dr. Susan and Dr. StAmant did their best to stop the bleeding, an x-ray was done on each patient. The motorcyclist had a broken leg and needed many stitches; and the hunter definitely had a fractured skull, showing many signs of brain damage. Though Dr. Susan was constantly racing back and forth between patients she showed no signs of panic; just pure confidence. The nurses listened attentively to the doctors' orders, understanding every word of the fascinating language familiar to those of the medical field. From the screaming demands of the crack head, to the ear-piercing shrills of the motorcyclist, to the silence of the skull-fractured hunter; nothing could shock Dr. Susan after decades in this atmosphere.

Imagine getting ready for work knowing you will soon enter a world of complete stress and chaos. While this seems like an uninviting scenario to many,