A Day at the Beach

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Although most transcripts indicate that the typical student hibernates from May twenty-second to September seventh, I don't. For four summers, I have worked at the beach, carrying chairs, and food for the residents of the Village of Atlantic Beach sometimes being called a "chair girl." Indeed, it has been hard, but it has also been the best one of the best experiences of my life.

Personally, I prefer "beach attendant," as opposed to "chair girl" I think it sounds classier. But until I started working, I didn't think there was anything classy about this job. In many respects I was right. One Sunday early in my first summer demonstrated this.

"Don't worry, Mr. Hassin, I'll be right with you," I smiled. "Just a little backed up here. Why don't you take the kids to the concession meanwhile, huh? By the time you get back, I'll have it all set up for you.

Give me five Greg." The 4 year old slapped my hand. Ew, he had left over ice cream on his hands. Oh well, at least I bought sometime to set up. Alas, I spied my good customers, the Howards. "Oh, Mrs. Howard, so good to see you. How's Gab doing?" Gabriel was her 27-year-old son. He was probably the only one on the beach who sympathized with me.

"He's good. He's seeing someone. Oh, she is pretty. But of course I'd pick you any day." Haha, he is good looking and sweet, what else would a girl want? "What can I do for you?" Her request was four chairs and two umbrellas- she was having company, and when they arrived, they would also want to order lunch. The only problem; she only owned three chairs and one umbrella for her, but I had no chair to loan.