A day into depression

Essay by blessycon January 2009

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Every day you come across something that displease you or make you feel sad or hurt. At times when you are happy, those things seems unsignificant, yet it's only when all turns ugly that you realise its importance. You feel bad and it only grows bitter.

When one is used to being happy, one neglect to observe and respect their own reactions to negative aspects of their life, they do not care.

They do not bother to think about what may happen afterwards. They believe they can live happily ever after. For a part of the world it is both true and fair, yet for the lesser part it is not.

Unfortunately when one falls into despair few will understand one's need for love and a warm smile. When one fall its not to rise but to fall and sink lower than acceptable by moral, religion and beliefs. "You are okay, you can deal with it...be

happy, Smile, c'mon get up."... these are examples of the things we as a majority often say to those depressed souls.

They believe us, trusting in our well-founded love for them and accept to let go of their pain. Mistake, they do not realise yet that no matter how much they let go, they will not be free until they accept the pain and resolve the cause of it. That's why most of those attained by depression fall back into the vicious circle of depression, sinking lower and lower.

Eventually some just become mad and turn to their total opposite to strenghten their soul, others pray and believe a solution will step on them. Praying to God makes one feel lighter. During that moment of peace, get back to where it all started, analyse your pain, find where it come from, deal with it, find a solution and try it.

If it does not work then try again until you find it.

Perhaps it was not the right time or some incidents cause you to betray yourself? Query yourself, note your progress. Perhaps what did not work before might be a clue leading you to the reason why it all started. Face the ultimate truth: if you cannot solve the root of your problems, not matter how you succeed in solving the appearances, you will never attain total self-relief unless the root is solved.

Believing in yourself and acknowledging your faults and making amends for it is a start to realising that something did bug you. Do not become a slave for persecution but by no mean act grouchy. The world do not understand you, how will they? one in depression often acts like everyting is perfectly okay and only break lose when it too late for any remedy to work.

...depression is awful, most of us saw it coming and perhaps we all sincerely wished it never was. It is only a symptom through to tell ourselves that something, somehow is not going as we want it to, and this is way over our tolerance limit. Even the slightest things such as a towel put astray, if kept astray can destroy one's nerves.