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A high pitched buzz starts to deafen my ears promptly everyday at 7:30am. I take a moment to glance at my alarm clock, recording the time. But immediately, I squint my eyes; sealing them from direct sunlight. Checking the time on my clock is like a daily routine. Even though I realize that it is 7:30am. I constantly check in case time miraculously goes backwards. If so, it would mean that I get an extra hour of my beauty sleep; unfortunately, this has never happened in my seven years of school life.

After brushing my teeth and combing my dark damp hair, I drag myself reluctantly to the breakfast table. I then devour some cereal and gulp down my daily portion of milk. Most days I will flick the television on just to keep myself from dozing off; however, the continuous news on war bores me.

After the preparation stage, I have to coerce my Granddad to drive me to school (even though I live five minutes away…!!!) He usually disagrees.

My journey to school usually involves seeing desperate businessmen frowning, probably in disapproval of the punctuality of the mini-bus. And occasionally I may bump into friends who live nearby.

Arrival time for me is around five past eight. This gives me numerous of opportunities to catch up on something I like to call “Daily Gossip.” I gather around with a group of humorous friends to arouse a riot about our favourite TV programs. While we girls are gossiping, the immature boys would most often be pointlessly chasing each other around the room. Well, I guess we were voted the most “socially capable” class (otherwise known as noisy and disruptive) for a reason.

I particularly enjoy studying Maths, English, Drama, and PE. Drama and PE allow me to...