A Day in the Life of Detective Gomez: Observation Essay.

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My day started out just like any other with the exception of going to see my bother in law. I commenced to make my way to his precinct in Inglewood. He works for the Narcotics Division as a detective. He has been doing this for 5 years and has slowly worked his way up the ladder of success. He was gracious enough for letting me tag along for the day to see how he works. "Not every day is the same, each day brings a new adventure," he stated. Luckily for me today he was not going to be going on any big bust or raid. I was to spend my day watching and listening to

him inside a federal building. He is on the hunt for a major player for a gang called the Crenshaw Bloods Gangster Mafia, today he will be listening to the phone tab and gathering intelligence for his department.

Once I arrived at the precinct and met Detective Gomez he processed me for clearance. It was a little intimidating going through the process because it consisted of a polygraph test, which I have never in my life taken before. "Calm down Jose you have nothing to worry about, its just procedure" he muttered. He calmly asked me the questions on the sheet while the other gentleman made marks on the paper that the machine was spitting out like a slot machine. As this was taking place I noticed Detective Gomez make a cup of coffee not realizing that this would make it cup number two. In the whole commotion of being interrogated I guess I must have blacked out or really just concentrated on all of the questions that were being asked of me. The man making the marks of the paper got up and...