Day in the Life: Intel

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Day in the Life: Intel

By Faustina Li, MBA1

Published: Monday, April 7, 2003

I had high hopes on my visit at Intel - As a senior auditor focusing on hi-tech before business school, I was excited to experience the life in a hi-tech leader as an insider. The Day In the Life visit exceeded my high expectations in many ways.

After the matching process, I was the only student selected to visit Intel although there were 4 open slots available. Mr. Larry Walz, Director of Global Employee Services, was the UMBS alumnus that organized the visit. The original DITL was set at Riverton, Utah. But to accommodate my trip to the West Coast Forum, Larry kindly offered a visit to the Folsom office near Sacramento, California to attend the kickoff meeting of a new team of the Employee Services there. In Larry's words, the Folsom visit would prove to be much better than just to attend the daily meetings at Riverton, which I found true.

On December 4, 2002, I met Larry at the lobby of the Intel campus in Folsom. Before the kickoff meeting, Larry briefed me on the background information of the restructuring of the Employee Services and introduced me to Mr. Neil Tunmore, Larry's co-director under Intel's "two in a box" policy, and some colleagues in the Employee Services team. Larry also set a particular page on the meeting agenda to introduce me to the dozens of participants at the meeting.

The meeting began with the presentation of Ms. Patty Murray, VP of HR and Michigan Law School alumna, on the strategy of Intel's Human Resources group. Later, I learned from the OB class that how important the presentation was to set vision and inject motivation for the newly restructured HR team at...