A day in the museum of art

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Since I have been to the museum numerous times in the past I had some assumptions as to what I would experience at the museum when I got there. I knew that the building would be enormous and that there would be many different people there, ranging from students to foreigners. I also was well aware of the plethora of pieces the museum contains. One of the pieces I chose for this paper is a marble statue of the Kouros by Fletcher Fund. The statue is located in the Greek and Roman Art area, which is near the entrance. I knew that I would be able to study the statue from as close or far as I wanted, since they are all standing out in the open rooms of the museum. I chose this statue because it interests me in the way that it resembles Egyptian Art a little more than Greek and Roman Art.

I feel this way because when I imagine Greek and Roman sculpture I see very intense and proportional details, that give a feeling of life, almost to the point where a person was put on pause and turned into stone. While with Egyptian art I imagine less detailed sculpture with straight arms at they're side and very stiff looking, showing no life. As I looked at the digital reproduction of the Kouros on the metmuseum.org website, I thought that it would be smooth, detailed, and gray in color, and not so large. All of this was different when I arrived at the museum and saw it in person.

Being that I have been to the museum many times, I found myself looking more closely at the architecture of the building. The large open space where many of the life-size statues of this origin were on...