A Day in the Netherlands

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While traveling Europe this summer, I was able to visit several interesting sites. One of my favorite places to visit was the Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory.

On July 8, 2006 my delegation visited the little town of Amstelveen in the Netherlands. The town was quite nice; I loved seeing all the little Dutch cottages. In the morning, we went for a 6 mile bicycle ride through the 17th century Dutch Windmill Park. We rode along side the river and saw numerous windmills and cottages. I did not enjoy the bike ride very much. I have had very little experience riding a bike and almost got injured several times during the ride. About halfway through the bike ride we stopped at a park to have lunch. When we were getting ready to leave the park, we noticed that one of the bikes was missing. Since we were short one bike, I was allowed to ride on the back of the leader's bike.

That made the ride back a bit more enjoyable for me because I was actually able to take in the beautiful scenery. After the bike ride, we had the opportunity to visit a windmill that a family lived in. We were allowed to go inside to look around while they explained how the windmill was used to pump water and generate electricity. The windmill was fairly interesting, although it was too hot inside to really enjoy it. In the afternoon, we visited the Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory. When we got there, the farmer told us a little bit about the Clara Maria and what they did there. The Clara Maria has been a family owned farm for over 150 years. The old barn was converted into a shoe carving workshop and a cheese...