A Day No Pigs Will Die (Robs Juorney Into Manhood)

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"That's what being a man is all about...doing what a man has to be done." Sometimes in life we have to grow up quickly. Children are faced with adult situations and have to mature quickly to deal with these situations. In the two novels, A Day No Pigs Would Die and A Part Of The Sky, written by Robert Peck, a boy takes his journey into manhood. The events that had the most impact on Rob's life were the slaughtering of Pinky, death of his father, and the selling of his family's farm. These three events pushed Rob into manhood One of the first things that had a big effect on Rob's life was the slaughtering of his pet pig Pinky. Pinky was the first thing Rob ever owned. Pinky was very special to Rob, because she was Rob's best friend. Rob helped his dad slaughter Pinky, because his family needed food.

He knew it had to be done for their survival, even though it was very hard for him to do.

The second event that had a big impact on Rob's life was the death of his father. When his father died, Rob was left with the responsibility of taking care of the family and the family's farm. Rob had to grow up quickly and become the man of the house. This was one of the biggest events that put Rob into manhood so early in his life.

The third thing that had a big effect on his life was realizing that he could no longer afford to pay the bills of the farm. He had to get rid of the thing his dad worked so hard to kept. So he had to make a hard decision. He had to sell the farm and move.

Rob was faced...