A day as a parlour maid in the victorian times

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At six o'clock I got out of bed (feeling a bit tired), washed, got dressed and brushed my hair placing it into a bun.

At half past six I went down stairs and put the kettle on, pulled up the blinds, opened the windows and cleaned the fireplaces.

At seven o'clock I made early tea and took it to the master and mistress and then I had to dust the dining room and sweep it and lay the table so that it was ready for breakfast.

Everybody upstairs has their breakfast at eight o'clock and it is my job to serve the food.

While they were eating, I rushed upstairs, stripped the beds, opened the bedroom windows and then had my own breakfast.

At nine o'clock, I cleared up the breakfast table, made the beds, cleaned the bathroom (including the toilets!) and dusted everywhere.

This took until twelve o'clock when I changed to serve lunch. After lunch my jobs were washing the glass and silver and putting everything away in its place.

This took an hour, after; I cleaned the pantry sink and floor and ate my own lunch.

From then to six o'clock I had no more jobs to do)

At six o'clock (after a long nap) I laid the table for dinner.

Then I served dinner and I waited at the table.

When they finished I cleared up the dinner table and then wash up.

At ten o'clock I ate my own supper and washed up.

Half past ten I went to bed.