A Day At The River

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The Day at the River One day after school I asked my mom if I could go down to the river to look at the river Otters said I could. I went up to my room to get my animal book Then I went through the woods into the clearing where the river was. When I got there I saw a big group of Otters eating a meal. In my book it said that its favorite food was an eel. I assumed that is what they were eating. I turned away so they could finish their meal faster, but they kept eating more. I was not interested in watching them eat. So I went over to a grassy area so I could read.

I started to read; I found out that bears and coyotes were there main predator. I found out that they live in South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Male river otters weigh at least 70 to 80 lbs, and measure up to 4.5 ft. Females weigh at least 45 lbs, and measure up to 4 ft. Their tail makes 1/3 of their length. They have brownish color fur Baby River Otters are usually born in spring. River Otters usually have five to Six babies. When mating season comes, River Otters make a powerful smell from two glands to attract other otters.


After I finished reading that page, I heard a yelp; it was from a River Otter. After I heard that I went to check it out, so I stopped reading and listen to the sound to see how close I was to it. Finally I got to the otter, it was just born. When baby otters are just born they make a big yelp. It sound like there yawning when you are far away from the Otter. Then I heard my mom yelling time for dinner anyways the Otters are having their dinner too.