Day of Surprise

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"That's so cool!" I exclaimed. In my hand was a Valentines Day card which folded to

make a spaceship. I was in a Hallmark card shop with my father, looking at cards for the

upcoming holiday.

"If I got you that card now, then it wouldn't be a surprise later," my father logically


"But it's neat! See, it folds into a spaceship."

"I'll get it for you but... just act surprised for your mother when you open the card."

"Okay dad," I answered as we walked up to the counter. My father paid for the card and

we left the store.

It was a week before Valentines Day in 1987. I was nine years old and intensely anxious.

Expectation for February 14 had overcome every other thought I previously had. It might seem

funny to some that I held that one day with such great esteem, but to me it was unlike any other

holiday. On Valentines Day I felt loved by everyone. On that day, I would obtain the card that I

had picked out from my father. Classmates would give everyone Valentine cards. Some

extremely generous kids would even attach candy to the cards. It didn't matter if you hated each

other, on Valentines Day everyone put aside their differences and even presented cards to the

children nobody liked. That one day of love seemed to unify the worst of foes through love and

forgiveness. I could hardly wait for that day to come.

As the night before Valentines Day had rolled around, anticipation had escalated to an all

time peak. Nevertheless, it was all set aside as my parents once again started to fight. My brother

and I were sent to the car in the garage so that we would not witness them fighting. We knew...