The Day that time stood still, September 11th.

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I will never forget this day. I was in school and all of a sudden the announcements came on. Now for some, this is not ordinary, but this was about 10:00 and the announcements had already been done that morning. It said that the school would be dismissing early because the World Trade Center had collapsed. Now as you know, most younger kids wouldn't really know what this meant or even care about this. But the announcements came on again about 2 minutes later and said that the Pentagon had been struck by an airplane. This is were time stood still for me. I knew that my dad had to go that morning to the Pentagon to work for his company. I had no way of knowing if he actually went. I tried calling my mom but all of the telephone lines were busy so I could do nothing but wait for the bus to drop us off at home.

I walked through the front door and my mom was glued to the television set. She told me that my dad didn't go to the Pentagon that day because he had a weird feeling that morning. That was also the happinest day of my life. I still had my dad. My mom did learn that they sent two other people and they have not heard from them since that morning. My dad called at least 4 times that day to make sure we were ok and to tell my mom to stay home from work. He was driving down that day to spend it with us. I never use to believe people when they said they got a weird feeling, so they didn't do what they were suppose to do or go where they needed to go. But now I...