The Daybreakers

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Rohan Patel

1st hour 4/15/12

Chapters 1-3

The two main characters of this book are Orrin and Tyrel Sackett. Orrin is a big man who is very strong but also extremely charming; he can sing and is quite quick witted. Tyrel is the skinny one, he is strong in the shoulders and the arms and loves his older brother Orrin very much, he is also quiet and a great pistol shooter. It appears in the beginning that Orrin is going to marry a woman named Mary Tripp, but a man named Long Higgins dislikes the Sacketts and wants to kill Orrin. He tries to shoot Orrin with an old squirrel rifle but Orrin's bride to be Mary Tripp pushes him out of the way and falls into the bullet intended for her groom. Then Orrin's brother Tyrel calls Long's name and the gunman tries to shoot him too, but thankfully he misses and Tyrel quickly pulls out his pistol and guns Long down.

Tye quickly rushes home and tells his mother what happened, she tells them they must go west and find a place with deep, rich soil and some game in the hills and when they find that land to send for the rest of the family. Their Mother has been talking about going west ever since their Father died. So the boys head west and meet a man named Belden, a kind and friendly man who invites them to his fire to eat, they talk and Mr. Belden eventually decides to hire them; unfortunately there is another man who works for Mr. Belden named Reed Canary, who takes an immediate disliking to Tye. Another man who works for Mr. Belden is Tom Sunday; he is a big handsome man who is also very kind. A few days later,