Is Daycare Beneficial for Children and Parents?

Essay by spoonful January 2006

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When you are a child, who takes care of you? Now, the cost of living is so high that many people under age twenty-five are moving back in with their parents. Young people are getting married later now than they used to. The average age for a woman to get married is about twenty-four, and for a man twenty-six. Newly married couples often postpone having children while they are establishing careers. Once they have children, they face difficult decisions about whether the mother should continue working and, if so, who should care for the children. So, day care is a good choice for parents who both work, because they want to continue with their careers.

The first reason that daycare is beneficial is that parents can go to work and make more money. For example, if parents do not use daycare and if they go to work with their children, they will have to take care of the children.

Nowadays, many companies provide daycare centers at their company for working parents who have young children in order to avoid this case, so parents can work as much as they need. Sometimes couples decide that one of them should stop working for their children's sake. In addition, working parents can save more money for their children's future by using daycare, because their income is doubled. This extra money can be saved for things such as children's music lessons, tutoring lessons or family vacations. People may use homecare and think that is a method for saving money. However, they do not realize that they will need more money to raise their children.

Next reason is that parents can continue their career by using daycare, because daycare center take care of their children during parents' working time. Nowadays, most daycare centers have systematical...