Days of Grace: Arthur Ashe

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Events depicted on this timeline show the differing moods in Arthur Ashe’s life. He was born on July 10, 1943 and passed away on February 6, 1993, at the age of 49, living a very short life. Ashe was the role model for many and he obtained sturdy friendships with the slightest of ease. Then, an unfortunate event occurred that reshaped his world. Ashe was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS but, he lost no friendships, no one looked down at him, and he was still the strong individual that people looked up to.

Through the beginnings of his professional tennis career, Ashe gradually became popular for his trustworthiness, courtesy, cheerfulness, and his talent. He was skilled in the game of tennis, winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. When Ashe won Wimbledon in 1975 by defeating Jimmy Connors, no one could ask for anything more. This prestigious tournament was a turning point for most people in the sports society because he was the only African American to win this tournament.

While being at the top of his game, Ashe also married a photographer, Jeanne Moutoussamy two years afterwards.

Then the unbelievable struck the world in 1988; Arthur Ashe had received AIDS from a blood transfusion during a surgery. Keeping this a secret, Ashe finally announced his deadly sickness on the media on 1992. With the world knowing his terminal illness, he still held his composure with dignity. While conditions worsened, Ashe began to write a book, Days of Grace, in the New York Hospital in January 1993. This biography clearly describes main points in his life, such as his family and friends.

Becoming highly respected, Ashe may have gone far in life with either playing professional tennis or having the great attitude that everyone enjoyed. As Arthur Ashe...