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! As english interest sparked in the new world, two colonies were formed along the east

coast, Chesapeake colony in 1607 and New England in 1629. Although they were both English

colonies they developed into two distinct societies. This is because of the differing climate and

geography of the regions, the two groups' reasons for settling, and the demographics of those

who settled. These three factors show how a settlement of unified Protestant families grow to

differ economically and socially from the independent, profit minded men who founded the


The motives of the colonies for settling set the foundation for each colonies' future. The

Chesapeake region was founded by a joint stock company solely for profit. They were

unprepared and not ready for what they were going to face. Because of this the colony suffered

very badly in its beginning stages. John Smith, who saves the colony, gives a terrible description

of the colony at its early stages perhaps to make himself sound more heroic. The people had to

undergo heavy manual labor and a lot of illness and disease that killed a lot of the population. In

the early stages there was no leadership and the president even hoarded food for himself. They

had used up all the food that was given to them and were in desperate need for help as of 1624.

(doc 6) A long with the purpose, the demographics of settlers in the Chesapeake colony led to the

development of a distinct culture. A ship log of all passengers heading to the colony in 1635

shows the vast majority being middle aged male passengers. (doc 3) This shows young men

looking to make fortunes and start new lives in America. A lot of these men were indentured

servants that were needed to feed the...