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Huey Long was a powerful and highly influential politician, particularly in Lousisiana, where he controlled nearly all functions of the state even after he left the office of governor. Using his ability to sell just about anything, he catapulted himself into the political limelight, and soon he was governor of Louisiana. Throughout his career, Long used corrupt tactics that nearly gave him influence over anyone that mattered politically in Louisiana. Carl Weiss on the other hand was a quiet and self-kept physician. The only thing that linked the two was a possible insult that may have implied that Weiss was of mixed blood. Anyhow, on one sunny Sunday Weiss approached Long and after an ambiguous flurry of activity, Weiss was riddled with bullets and killed by Long's bodyguards and Long was hit by a bullet that later killed him. At the time, a timeline that is now refuted, was put together.

But now, not only is there a lack of hard evidence to solve the deaths but there is distinct contradicting evidence that will probably make this a case that will remain unsolved.

Personally, this mystery seems pretty legit. Normally, when I read mysteries or unsolved cases, I am usually able to provide a reasonable and logical hypothesis or solution, but as I read through the article and finally reached its conclusion, this case truly left me stumped. The facts simply just don't add up. The only explanation I can offer is that the original factual evidence was incorrectly measured or recorded. As for this Huey Long character, he seemed to have real potential. It's too bad he died. It would have been interesting to see where he went. Although he was corrupt so are the majority of politicians. At least Long was good at what he did. Weiss just...