DBQ Exercise: Warren Harding and Corruption.

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This article is about the ridiculous nature of Harding's presidency. It outlines his multiple affairs and his track to the presidency. He was a "second-rate" candidate and even after swearing he wouldn't betray the trust of the American public he did. He appointed some of the most ill-qualified friends to federal positions and they expectedly in turn repaid him with a multiplicity of scandals and wrong doings. They commonly took kickbacks and simply stole from the pockets of tax paying Americans. This article also touched on Harding's personal life. Harding was a womanizer and had multiple affairs. He was also significantly blatant about his dealings. Although he denied it in public, his illicit dealings were not well hidden. The fact that his buddy journalists didn't print some of the most scandalous stories probably helped his cover. But apparently, Harding did have somewhat of a conscience. This was apparent through his discussion with Coolidge regarding whether he should face up to the public.

While Harding's corruption became very apparent, his exact and official cause of death is still unknown.

Harding was a pretty shady guy. While he may have passed a few acts while he was president, it was out of necessity. What kind of president would be able to keep his office, if he did not move any initiatives? I found the most sinister of his acts to be his affair with the wife of a man whose friend requested a job for him. Harding was in general a horrible person and while this should have precluded him from the presidency, it didn't. An observer can tell Harding was a complete idiot simply by his choice of appointees. He literally appointed a buddy of to the office of Attorney General simply because he was his best friend. Although the ending...