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The development of a society is determined by the type of settlers present and what resources they have. In the 1630s, European settlers were seeking new lives in America. Many ships arrived from Europe in Northern and Southern parts of the East Coast. The separate regions were developed significantly differently. The effects of the original settlers influenced the settlement of the colony.

The settlers in the South had a much harder life. To begin with, there was mostly single men in the South, as shown in Document C there were thirty nine men and only eleven women aboard a ship destined for Virginia. This heavily weighted ratio, and population trend made it hard for the South to expand and establish a strong foundation. There was very little religious presence in the South because the single men were not very religious and this affected their life style and work ethic negatively.

The geography and natural resources in the South influenced the work and habits of the people. The land being perfectly fit for growing tobacco and cotton, these became the staple crop for most farmers. The settlers were originally given "golden promises" and made "slaves in hope of recompenses", as it says in Document. F. They had to adapt to what was actual present in their location and the entire culture was formed to fit this mold.

The North was a much more promising settlement attempt from the beginning. The ships destined for New England had mostly families aboard, as displayed in Document B. The family style structure of the society helped with the expansion and foundation of the colony. The settlers in the North were more religious. With Puritan values present, the work ethic was noticeably improved. People here worked together and made things happen with great proficiency. As...