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I am a passive student at (______add a school_____)SHS. I'm standing before you today to discus some of or if not most of all the problems that we as DC's residents are facing. We must take in account upon the current, past, and present events that leave us in distrait emotions on how DC is being treated. We have problems that need amendable action. We need more work in the different departments that run our city. For example we have the police, Mayor, Water Treatment, Roads, Board of Education, Parks and Recreation, and not to mention our Youth work programs. We have our own personal problems and concerns, and most importantly the violence that impregnates our schools. We should take a stand, and try to make things improve for the future, if where the capital of the world's most potent country.

My views of the police are marginal. Though they may try to keep violence off the streets they still have avid inclinations in to brutality and policing out side their jurisdiction and etc.

Sadly to say the mayor we have in office is worthlessly there, filling in that position. I think he is not naturally intoned with the status quo of the majority of the D.C. population. He cuts money away from the youth programs (ex: the Mayors Youth Leadership Institute is program I'm involved in over the summer that gives job training and we are paid for it). Some of his views on the city as a whole include underprivileged disenfranchised citizens who survive off warfare funds provided by the city, in by there removal into insignificant worthless housing complexes in Maryland somewhere. I find it strange for the city to petition the construction of a billion dollar arena housing the Olympics, however they say there's not enough...