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Procedures Introduction This chapter is based on the design solutions that will be used to solve the problem of my experimentation. My problem is finding out which motor a regular brush motor or brushless dc motor will perform better in several tests. In this chapter the possible ways to solve the problem will be discussed. The design to solve the problem will also be discussed. The procedures of the problem solution will also be discussed. This chapter will consist of the formal documentation of the exact Procedures and Techniques used in the selection, design and the development of the problem solution.

Potential Design Solutions There have been several ideas considered for potential design solutions. One of the ideas considered was a more powerful parts made specifically for a brushless motor. These parts are supposedly well made and have a higher out put for better running of the motor. Another idea considered is to construct each motor or a realitivly the same structure so they can be evenly tested.

This method appears to be better then buying more expenesive parts. This method might also reduce the hassle of having to worry about the new parts fitting on the motor that will be used for the experimentation.

Evaluation of Design Solution The design solution Evaluation is of the brushless dc motor. This motor will hopefully be well put together and thought out. The only draw back is that i not real the experinece in build a brushless motor. Along with the motor other things would be needed such as the weight which luckly can be found in the classroom. Also i will need to purchase the special part for this motor so it will run properly.

Problem Solution Selection The solution of building a Brushless dc motor from scratch using parts from...